Personal Care Services

Helping the elderly and disabled maintain their independence...

About the program

Our in-home personal care clients range in age from young children to the elderly. Our clients might be rehabilitating from an accident, have an outgoing disability or just reaching old age. They have varying physical and/or emotional challenges that make our program essential for quality home care while benefiting from the comfort and companionship we provide. We offer In-home Personal Care services and non-skill custodial care throughout Northern Nevada, including rural areas. With flexible scheduling and affordable rates, we are an excellent source for families looking for help caring for a loved one. We also realize that the number one concern in our industry is customer care and satisfaction, and it is in this area that we outperform all others. We are fully bonded, insured, and licensed by the State of Nevada, and take pride in the work we do.


American Home Companion, Inc. provides the following services:

Personal Care

1. Bathing: Assist client in/out of shower or bathtub; giving or assisting with sponge bath or bed bath. Shampoo hair; help wash upper and lower body.

2. Dressing:  Help client pick-out, put on and/or take off clothing.

3. Personal Grooming:  Help client brush hair, brush and floss teeth and gums, wash face, care for hands, shaving (electric shaver only, no blade) apply cream or lotion to skin, help clean and care for dentures or hearing aids.  

4. Mobility:  Assist client to walk and to use devices such as a walker, cane, or gait belt, supervise client while walking to prevent falls.

5. Transfers: From supervising to physically providing assistance to help client move from a bed to a wheelchair, chair, commode, or to standing position and vice versa.

6. Skin Care:  Turning a client in bed to prevent skin breakdown, checking for bruises, infections and broken skin, applying lotion to skin.

7. Toileting:  Assisting client to use bedpan, urinal, bedside commode, or toilet.  Empty and clean commode, basin, bedpan, or urinal as necessary.  For incontinent clients, change diapers, clean genital and buttocks area when soiled. Empty catheter or colostomy bag.

8. Supervise Medications: Reminding client to take medications as prescribed by their doctor or helping client take self-administered medications that he or she cannot take unaided due to a cognitive or physical disability.

9. Exercises:  Under the supervision of a home health physical, occupational or speech therapist, assist client with their prescribed exercises.

10. Report all Changes in Client's Condition:  Report to the agency, client's responsible party, doctor, hospital, and/or calling 911 if client needs emergency medical attention.

11. Companionship:  Provide conversation, social stimulation, and company for the client so they are not alone.

12. Transporting to Doctors Appointments.


1. Preparing Food:  Cooking and serving food, preparing meals, following a special diet.

2. Marketing & Errands (locally):  Going to the market with a list to obtain needed groceries or household supplies requested by the client.  Running other local errands for the client.

3. Laundering: Client's bedding, towels, and clothing.

4. Monitoring Home Safety: Including removing hazards that could cause injury or falls.  Reporting any unsafe conditions.

5. Light Housekeeping:  Dusting, vacuuming, making beds, washing dishes, wiping down counters or tables after preparing or serving a meal, making sure there is no water on the floor after client bathes in the bathroom, cleaning up a household area where the client may have had an incontinence accident.  Any home cleaning task that prevents accidents and infections.

Community Partnership

American Home Companion, Inc. currently holds several contracts with the state of Nevada. We are contracted with Medicaid as a Personal Care Agency and provide services under the following Medicaid Programs (Please follow the links for eligibility and other important information):

  1. Personal Care Services (PCS - Nevada Medicaid Provider Type 30)
  2. Home and Community Based Services Waiver for the Frail Elderly (Nevada Medicaid Provider Type 48)
  3. Waiver for Persons with Physical Disabilities (PD - Nevada Medicaid Provider Type 58)
  4. Personal Care Services - Intermediary Service Organization (ISO - Nevada Medicaid Provider Type 83)

We are also a provider for the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division under the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) programs which includes:

  1. Fund for a Healthy Nevada - Tobacco Fund
  2. Title XX Fund
  3. Homemaker Program
  4. Community Options Program for the Elderly (COPE)
  5. Personal Assistance Services (PAS) Program

We have partnered with several organizations in the community to provide services for seniors with no financial means. Qualified applicants can have their services covered by these wonderful organizations. Please click on the links below for more information:

  1. Seniors in Service
  2. Alzheimer's Association

Cost of Services

Medicaid covers 100% of the cost for recipients that are eligible for one or more of the aforementioned programs. Additionally, American Home Companion, Inc. accepts most Long Term private insurances and worker's compensation policies. We also offer the lowest hourly rates in Northern Nevada as well as multi-hour discounts for our self-pay patients. Federal Medicare does NOT pay for any personal care services. Some private insurance payers require a deductible and a co-payment, which will be collected from the patient before the start of services. Some payer sources may require pre-certification and then may make a determination based on patient's needs.  Some payer sources may require pre-certification and limit the number and types of services we can provide.

Any charges not paid by your insurer will be discussed with you prior to rendering services when possible. You, your guardian, parent, caregiver, or family member will be informed in writing of all charges for services provided and available methods of payment.


Our Staff

We, at American Home Companion, Inc., believe that our people make all the difference. Our staff is always kind and professional. New applicants are thoroughly screened and undergo rigorous State and Federal background checks to ensure we are only hiring responsible, trustworthy personnel. Training is provided annually to all field staff in a diversity of subjects including: CPR, First Aide, Nutrition, Household Safety, Infection Control, Skin Care, Body Mechanics, Elderly Abuse, and many other subjects that prepare our caregivers to handle any situation in the field. Additionally, yearly reviews are conducted on all caregivers to ensure our staff is performing at their highest level.